Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well...where to start...LOTS going on to update you about, so let's start here...

Spent a week with a dental team that came through Cadena de Amor and Medical Teams International.  It was fantastic.  I LOVED it!!  My job for the week was to sit by Dr. John's chair (a very gentle spirited dentist who came in from Oregon) and help translate, but truly by job title for the week was the hand holder for the scared little ones.  It was perfect for this heart.  I got to love on them a little bit, remind them that they would be ok, explain what was going to happen and hold their hands when it hurt.  I'm pretty sure if I could get paid to be an official "hand holder" I'd sign up quickly for the job.  Sorta ironic since I'm scared to death of the dentist as well.  I have NO idea where that came from exactly, but it's there nonetheless.  

The folks who came to help the kiddo's whose teeth are at times rotting out of their mouths were so incredibly special.  Their hearts to serve were so evident and it was humbling to have an opportunity to get to know them and serve beside them.  They treated 273 children in 5 days time.  Needless to say they worked tirelessly and served selflessly.  I am honored to know them.  

Shortly after they left, we moved into our new house.  It is near the city, in a very safe part of town, and it has space enough for us to live and to be able to allow Carlos, Eduardo, and Saul to come and live with us as well.  It's a beautiful place and we truly believe it was a gift from God. The way it all came to be is in fact proof of His providence.  I have two "interns" turned into "full timer's" living with me now and they are a tremendous gift as well.  I'll do a seperate post about them at a later date.  You need to know them personally.  I am excited to begin this journey with them and ask for God's guidance and figure out where it leads.  

We're gearing up for one of Steve's first teams to come down with his organization, International Agape Missons.  We'll do some work in Yamaranguila, help fix up a pediatric clinic which treats the street children and some of the least fortunate kiddo's in the city, we'll build a house for a lady who works for us at Casa, distribute food to a community or two, visit the boys home where Luvin lives and love on them, visit the dump and feed those precious folks there.  I am certain it will be a great trip.  

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we transition and fundraise and all that comes along with all of that.  The barrel is empty at the moment and in our humanness it is easy to worry and concern ourselves over where the electric money will come from, but God is always on time and when I am down to the last bit He sends help just in time.  It's such a HUGE lesson in trust and depending upon Him right now.  When all is said and done and I pillow my head at night, I am reminded, God is faithful and we rest there.  

I appreciate you all so much and your help that allows me to be here living out a dream. Blessings dear ones.