Sunday, February 03, 2008

Your Praying Hearts...

Before another day passes I want to just alert you all to a family that could certainly use an army of prayer warriors.

Most of you who know me well, have heard me talk about Mark and Lori Connell. They are pretty near and dear to the heart of this place. Our children adore them, and we're not far behind in the adoring category. We adore them too!!

For a long time now they have been feeling God tug on their hearts to be down here full time being a part of the work in Honduras. Lori is the executive director for the Mi Esperanza project which many of you are familiar with that helps impoverished women learn a trade and begin to be able to provide for their families through the skills they've learned. That is a very poor description of the multitude of things they're accomplishing, it's amazing, but you can check out more about it at their's linked on the right of this page. Mark is nuts, that's all there is to it, but he's also got a heart as big as Texas and he would serve till his knuckles were raw and does sometimes. He is joy personified and we love having him around here. Every summer he helps TORCH teams, he for lack of a better word "mentors" some little guys in a poor community called San Miguel, he serves and when someone recently described some of what he was doing, one of his very good friends said "real ministry just speaks for itself huh??!!" It's true, and it fits him.

Anyway, future plans are to build an artisan center here in Santa Ana to teach and employ even more women and so we've been singing Mr. Rogers theme song to them for so long begging them to be our neighbor's and live across the street from our project here at Casa. Handy huh??!!

So just a few weeks ago they made an announcement to come on board full time in Honduras with Mi Esperanza and various other projects here and we are DELIGHTED to say the least. If you're looking for a good place to spend a few bucks right now they could use some help getting their things down here and all the start up expenses that come with a move like this. If you're interested let me know and I can get you some more information on all of that.

As so many of us know, Satan never turns his head for a moment to things like a passionate devotion to Christ and a willingness to leave it all and go and so the attacks have begun. This last week or so their family has had a rough time and that's a tremendous understatement...I could tell you what I know about it, but Lori did a beautiful job of sharing her heart and so I'd encourage you to read what she wrote on her blog.

Then I'd encourage you to be a part of an army of prayer warriors who are pleading fervently for the heart of this sweet new mommy who should be getting to enjoy the stuffin's out of her baby right now who is struggling in no uncertain terms. Pray for her dear parents too who are watching their baby struggle. Not an easy thing to do we know. They could just all use some folks to hold them up right now.

Rise up my friends it's time for battle...better yet let's bow on behalf of them!! We'll win the battle there. He is faithful!!

Is it too late???

So my question is, is it too late to make a New Years Resolution??

Cause if it isn't I am RESOLVED to doing better about this daggone blog. Goodness, I used to write on here all the time and update you all. I have been so slacking, and it's not for a lack of things to tell you about. For one thing, our internet (which comes from satellite) has been undergoing rough times...slow as Moses times, so it takes 3 hours for a post to upload sometimes, which talks you clear out of the notion of wanting to post anything for sure. However, it is NO excuse for not filling you in on some way wonderful stuff that's been going on.

So my resolution is this...(Ashley inspired me)...that at least half the days of the month I'm putting something on here. 15 posts a month, yep gonna do it!! May be a one liner some days ... but you deserve better than I've done and so I'm buckling down, fighting off the demon that interferes with our satellite signal and producing some posts.

Think I'll start now. Might do a few today to catch up and we'll see what happens from here.

Much love!