Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's early Sunday morning and I'm in the den and there's not another sound in the's still dark outside and to be quite honest I don't see mornings real often when the sun hasn't even come up yet. I lean more toward the staying up way after it's gone down not getting up way before it's come up, but every once in a while this delights me. Circumstances have beckoned me upward from my warm bed this morning :) I am speaking at my uncle's little country church this morning and so wanted to make sure that I had my pictures ready for their sweet little selves to see.

Finding myself this morning just kinda sappy about all I've been allowed to be a part of just in the past few days. Friday morning I woke up early (that's twice this week, but please DO NOT think a habit is forming:) and had the privilege and I mean that so sincerely to go and spend some time with some gals who are in college at OVU and taking my friend Linda's bible class. She had asked me a while ago if I would do that and to be quite honest I couldn't wait to be with them. It's an age group I certainly have a heart for as they begin the journey and start putting their own walk into action away from mom and dad or whoever influenced them at home daily. They were delightful.

Then got to go spend some time at the Frock's...Sarajane has been knit to my soul for several years now and she is so wonderful about sharing the blessing of her dear family with me. Her hubby has become my big brother and her daughters are my neices in deep deep places in my heart. So my time with them is ALWAYS cherished.

Then Steve and his sweet wife Marcy fixed Ash and I a big pot of stew for lunch yesterday and we got to visit with them and play with their little guy Isaac. Keep that little guy in your prayers. He's been diagnosed with a rare "syndrome" that makes him VERY sick every 2o days or so with high fevers and just horrible aches and pains and he's only 5 so it's way hard on a mommy and daddy to watch. They could use your prayers.

AND THEN...last night I experienced truly a piece of Heaven on earth. I got to sit around a campfire with some of my VERY favorite people and watch the moon come up over the river and my words will never be able to paint an accurate picture of what any of that looked like. It was absolutely gorgeous and I don't use those words lightly. Sometimes God just outdoes Himself even you know and last night was one of those times.

It's been a great couple of days and my time here at home is winding down quickly. I will be leaving in about 12 days and that is always bittersweet. I can't wait to get back to my little brown people I love so much. I am sooooo ready to hug Francisco's neck and cuddle with my boys, but I will so miss this den and my nephews and my mom's treats just to remind me she loves me, cups of tea made with love, sitting near my heart friends here and just sharing about our walk with Christ and what He's teaching us, fall leaves, fires in the fireplace...

What a blessing to have so much of your heart live in two places and both of them carry such rich me remember that Lord when the leaving is difficult. This is a privilege!!

Blessings on you all...