Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas This Year...

Wow what a week this has from beginning to end. I got the blessed privilege of getting to come home for Christmas for a few days as the plans were a bit delayed with the container with furnishings not coming in until after the first of the year. It gave me the opportunity to be able to schedule a quick trip and come home and surprise some folks I love a bunch.

Got to show up for one of my dearest friends birthday supper on Thursday night and surprise she and her precious daughters that I love a whole great big bunch. Got to sleep under the Christmas tree with the sister of my heart and her two sweet daughters...haven't had a slumber party on the floor in a LONG time (and by the way I don't seem to handle them as well now as I used to, things ache :( ). Got to spend an evening hanging out with Momma Grose with a good book and a fireplace and spend some time there at that house that I love. Then got to come home and surprise my SWEET nephews and my little sister whose smile will linger in my heart for a long time as I remember the way they looked when they saw me. Grabbed them and took them to surprise my mom at our house and they walked in and said "grandma we brought you an early Christmas present" and she said, "well what is it?" and Braydon with a big ole smile on his face pointed at me and she cried and that was a whole bunch of fun too. It's just been a good week of getting to be with people I cherish. Which brings me to an interesting point.

Now let me preface this by saying, I'm not necessarily suggesting we alter all of our Christmas traditions that's not the point...but I truly feel like this is the first year I have gotten (maybe the proper word is taken) the opportunity to enjoy a different facet of what all of this is really about. My mom had shipped my gifts on the container that's coming soon because none of us knew I was going to be able to come home for Christmas, so I didn't open presents yesterday and I didn't give any either. My gift this year both to me and from me was coming home to spend time with people I loved. The focus this year was able to be on things that mattered and not in all the hype of what to get for who and the race against the clock to do it all and all of that. I can not begin to tell you how incredibly nice that has been and continues to be. Did I miss the presents? Not really if I'm honest. I loved the gift of getting to be with people I love and I think I appreciate that far differently than I was able to a while ago. Being far away does that I guess.

Sat yesterday morning with some of my hearts nearest and dearest during worship and we heard Ron share a lesson on the wise men and the gifts they brought to Jesus. Afterward he made some really interesting points about how all of this applies to life and I'll be honest most of it I'd heard before in a Christmas lesson somewhere at some point but a couple things stuck out to me in BIG ways. I'll share one of them today and perhaps one of them later. He was talking about the gifts we bring and how some of them are given out of obligation, some of them are given expecting a favor, etc. Then he used this phrase and it will stick for life I think...he said you know the ones I appreciate the most are "GRACE GIFTS." The ones that are given expecting nothing in return, the ones given that are unexpected didn't deserve them, togetherness and time sort of blessings. These are the ones that really hit your heart. I sat there near some of the best "grace gift-ers" I know and it was a neat thought to think about the things we offer to one another and the things that mean the most.

I think he helped me come up with my New Years resolution this year (although I'm not always big on those either) but I sat there offering a prayer that I would learn how to give gifts to the people I love that are true unselfish "grace gifts." Gifts that money can't buy and nothing can take. Gifts that offer people time and heart and come with no strings attached. Gifts that don't seem like the absence of something in the lack of material presents but the addition of something terrific in the offering more of yourself.

I think those are the gifts that make Christ look down and smile and say ok now you're getting it!! And I really want to "get it" get get His heart!!

Give away... other people are waiting for the "you", you have to offer! Be blessed as you are a blessing!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas with the boys

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Feliz Navidad con Marta

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The Inside of the Old House

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The Kiddos we built the new house for

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Ninos bathroom

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The Outside of the Children's Home

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Kids Play Area

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Little Guys Room

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Ninas Bathroom

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The Little Girls Room

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Well I am so sorry that I haven't put anything on here for you all to look at in like a week and a half. It's been a BUSY week, but it's been great. I got the privilege of having some of my gang here for the week to help paint and well paint and ummm some more painting. On top of all of that though we had just a WHOLE bunch of fun spending time together. It was great. A much needed refill for this heart. Some people just do that for ya you know help bring you back to center and remind you who you really are and who you really want to be. It was neat to sit beside them and even without a word be reminded. So thanks guys for not only what you offered to this week though your heart and your time and your hands and your efforts, but what you offered to me through your love and encouragment.

So here are a few pictures to recap. I don't have all of the pictures at this point but I'll post a few now and perhaps a few later to show you what the week entailed. They got in late Thursday afternoon and so we made a quick Santa Ana run to see the property and then came back on Thursday. Friday we spent most all day at Santa Ana painting and such. Then Saturday we had the dedication ceremony for the children's home where lots of us huddled around and prayed over the rooms where children will sleep and just came before God asking for this ministry to be annointed for His purposes only. It was good time. Marc and Terri Tindall were in, Janet Hines, Lana Cagle, many people who are affiliated with TORCH and IRC were there for the day which was neat to bond together with them in this effort that we'll all play a part in. It was good. Sunday we helped the Hines move out of their house and fill the container that they'll be sending home, and we went to recover the lost luggage (yet again for the 2nd time as none of the luggage came on Thursday and when we got there Friday it was too late they wouldn't let us have it ay ay ay and we got all of it except one bag this day...the bag with all of Rick's clothes which started to become a very funny thing and he was SUCH a good sport about.) Monday we went to Didasko which was one of the highlights of the trip. I watched Poppa Grose fall in love all over again with a little girl who stole his heart last spring who remembered him for sure and was delighted to see his face. We all had some teary eyed moments when her brother thought that Rick and Kay were going to take her home with them to the States and I can assure you if there would have been any way to make that happen there'd be a brown eyed brown haired beautiful little 12 year old girl with them the next time you saw them. Since it can't you learn how to carry them with you in the deepest places in your heart and invest in them in other ways and stay true to your word to come and visit and they'll have a relationship for a very long time that is super sweet. It's neat (and difficult) to watch grown men have such tender experiences in this place. Something about the elements of this place that allow that to happen and it's a precious sight to witness. Monday we built a house for Moncho this sweet sweet man who has helped so much at the children's home who always has a smile on his face and is just a delight to be around. They were living in a very run down shack with holes in the ceiling, their beds were in HORRIBLE shape, the inside was just dirty with things thrown we surprised him with a new house and it was BEAUTIFUL. He was so grateful and recognized that this came from God and his family was a delight we played with them for much of the day with things from the Christmas shoeboxes that my Belpre family sent along. It was a terrific day. The rest of the week we worked at the children's home painting and such. We took one morning to have Christmas with the sweet family that we already adore (Dennis, Marta, Dennis, Christian, and for the time Eduardo who is living with them). The kiddo's each got shoeboxes and we got Marta a shower curtain to put in their new shower and a Christmas tree that lit up to put in their new house. The kids were ecstatic and Marta's smile was HUGE. I love them so much already. We love having them around.

Karen spent the last day and a half WAY sick but is feeling much better today. Let's just say if you'd like to know any details about Montezuma's revenge she could share a couple with you. Poor girl. She's feeling more like herself this morning though thank You Lord. Continue to pray please that God will protect our bodies and our souls as we're here. We've got much to do and need healthy bodies to get it done.

Took my sweet friends back to the airport yesterday afternoon. I'm still praying that that saying goodbye thing will get easier with time. If it doesn't I'll just be thankful that it hurts to leave people you love that much, and be grateful that I have people I love that much. :):)

More to come soon...must get back to the painting thing today. Love to all.

Friday, December 09, 2005

It's Enough To Know...

Well my amigo's arrived yesterday from the States and what a treat that has already been. Cried when I got to hug them at the airport. Just felt good to have familiar hugs. We toured the children's home having some sappy moments seeing all of the places and things we have gathered often to pray for the past several months. It has been sweet time already and we have lots more days of this. Yippy Skippy!! I know I'm beyond blessed but I just get to be heart knit to some really awesome folks and being known and loved by them is a precious privilege. They encourage my heart merely by their presence and so selfishly I am going to have a blessed week with getting to refill my tank with them being here.

Jude, everytime I said something to Eduardo about having friends come in from the States he asked me Judy and Brett?? I said no buddy not right now. He loves you all so much!! What a sweet dent you've made in a families life. They're doing well.

And Rachael and everyone else who's watching and waiting, I will post some more pictures soon but my digital camera is temporarily misplaced, I pray temporarily. It was in Joe's car the other day when we rode with him, and then it wasn't anymore. So say a prayer that it decide's to be found. If not I'll use someone else's pictures and put them on here.

Have to share with you today the words to a song I have recently "found." It has become a new favorite. I love the words and the message behind it. Think sometimes we get into the habit of thinking that faith is something you have to fight to have and wrestle with forever and that in order to truly have it you must answer the deep questions and so at least for me it has at times been about a lot of "extra's." A lot more than what faith is really based on. When I heard this song I think it summed up so much of what I'm feeling right now in my walk. I don't EVER want to have a complacent faith but I love the idea of a settled faith. Think those are very different. Life may twist and turn and feel like it's spinning at moments and undoubtedly situations and circumstances will change, but my faith can find a resting place in knowing that Jesus died and He died for me. Think when it's all boiled away most of us are tired of the arguments, and we're tired of all the chaos that sometimes gets attached to something that when you really think about it is very simple. This song is by Out of Eden and called "My Faith Has Found a Resting Place." Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and that it speaks to your heart a sweet peace in knowing it really is all about Him and you can rest there. Doesn't that sound good?!

My faith has found a resting place
Not in device nor creed
I trust in the ever-living one
And His wounds for me shall plead
Enough for me that Jesus saves
This ends my fear and doubt
A sinful soul I come to Him
And He will never cast me out

(Chorus)I don't need another argument, don't need another plea
It's enough that Jesus died and that He died for me
I don't need another argument, don't need another plea
It's enough that Jesus died and that He died for me

My heart is written on the Word, the written Word of God
Salvation is by my Savior's name, salvation by the Savior's blood
The great physician heals the sick, the lost He came to save
For me His precious blood He shed, for me His life He gave


It is enough what He's done, how it makes me love Him
It is enough what He's done, I know I can trust Him
It is enough how He took the pieces of my soul
Blew life in them and made me whole
I have found a resting place

And my heart says Amen!! Be blessed...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

These are the little guys watching Joe and Caleb tile the kitchen. They sat there for a long time just watching. It's fun to have them around and they love to help if we give them jobs to do. Will be good to get to invest in their precious little lives. Posted by Picasa
These are two little guys that live out on the property that we have absolutely fallen in love with. Dennis and Cristian...they are the block makers little boys. Karen and Marta (their momma) became friends this summer on the trip and so it's been fun for them to get to be around one another again. Yesterday Marta had flowers and a note (entirely in Spanish of course which was funny) written for her. It will be so good to get to be around so many awesome people God has hand chosen to be in Santa Ana for such a time as this. Posted by Picasa
This is Caleb our import tile guy. He has worked so hard but his body is taking a beating so pray for him to make it through the next couple of days that he's here. This is no easy job we've all found out and we appreciate his help very much! Posted by Picasa
This is our friend Melissa the grout expert and Katie her assistant doing their magic yesterday to the tile floor. It looked soooo nice when they got done! Posted by Picasa
These are the tiles we picked out and the pictures really do not do them justice, but they give you an idea. They look VERY nice and once we got a room grouted yesterday we were WAY pleased. The tiles have various shades of brown's in them and a subtle tint of orange in places, which is a BIG color over here. They look good. The grout is like a coffee color. It's coming together. :):):):) Posted by Picasa
The electric is going in. The guy was out working on this pole Thursday and has things wired up and the inside wiring is being worked on so lights will be coming soon. Yay!! I'll post several more pictures today as I know I haven't updated in almost a week. I apologize, we have just been working hard and long days and are dog tired when we come home. So enjoy the photos...I'll write more another day soon! :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 28, 2005

A Little Picture Happy

Ok so I went a little bit picture crazy today. Hadn't taken many lately. So here's an overload with a brief description cause I'm pooped tonight. We unloaded tile today by the truckloads literally. Seeing as how the first truck broke down and we had to make a couple trips. Poor Joe had a true, welcome to Honduras day. We fell in on the middle of the fiasco but it all turned out just fine. Thank You Lord. These were our little tile helpers today. Dennis and Eduardo...they loved getting to help and were so doggone cute.

You all remember me talking about the little guy Eduardo who stole my heart when we painted his house on a mountain one day. This is him. We get to be neighbors now. His family officially resides in Santa Ana now. YAY...good one God!!

This is Tim and Timateo having a meeting of the minds today. I think it went something like this. Timo muy rapido muy rapido...bring many men to help bring them from anywhere we must get finished!! :):)

This is the back entrance to the property.
Some construction pictures...the second coat of stucco looks AWESOME!!!! You can see it on this one wall. I have no idea what the rows of concrete are over the rebar but that's what that is.
Now this, this my dear friends is the tea drinking spot and the view from it. I love our back porch/deck/patio whatever you would call it. Good quiet times will be had by Jen in this place even if I have to get up at 3 am to have them. :):)

This is the roof going on. And the picture below is Karen with our Spanish teacher Rocio. We like her a bunch she's great. Patient and kind and lots of fun. I do think however if I hear her say, "oh no Espanol is facile" one more time I might rip the nose off her face. It means Spanish is easy. Makes you feel really stupid because nothing in your processor is working easy in this Spanish department. :):) We're getting better.

It was another great day to be a part of God's grand epic. May we play our roles well. More another day. For tonight buenos noches. Love and blessings.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A True "I Love Honduras" Day....

Well had a day yesterday that my heart so needed. It was a reminder of every reason that I love this country all wrapped up into one statement. I see Jesus' face here. I see Him in every child whose innocent little eyes implore your help. I see Him in mothers trying to provide for their children. I see Him in those we'd term weak and oppressed who rise up with this incredible faith in moments when you are absolutely sure you'd crumble. I see Him in stories of sweet little older lady's just weeping when a house is built for her because she'd watched TORCH teams come all summer and build houses for everyone else and she'd been the one watching and helping and today was her turn for God to show up to build her a home. What an unbelievable feeling and incredible honor to get to say to someone God wanted us to do this. Whether it's giving someone food, a ride down the mountain, or a new home feels really good to be God's ambassadors sent to do His work. I think when we really grasp the weight of the privilege it's infectious.

Let me start with Friday...(I had some sinus ick/cold thing going and was feeling pretty crummy so I stayed in but the story is worth the telling although I had to live it vicariously through friends.) The Kluge's had some family in town and wanted them to have the experience of building a home here. Karen and Jen Arnold and Joe went with them to do that. Some of you may remember me telling you the story about getting to put sandals on the little girls feet this summer in a village we went to called Nuevo Oriental. Her grandmother had taken her all the way down the mountain and cleaned her up before I gave her her new pair of shoes and put them on her precious little feet. I just adored her grandma. She kept kissing my cheek and hugging me and our hearts just connected on the mountain that day. Well Jen and Karen got back and were talking about this older lady they had built a house for today and something in my heart knew it was this lady. She kept saying something to me this summer and I couldn't really understand what she was saying but I know it had to do with needing something. She wasn't begging or tugging on us as some of them do but I remember that day standing beside her as someone was taking our picture and she was as close to me as she could get I remember whispering a prayer that God would provide whatever it was that this sweet lady needed. I'm sure there were hundreds of other people through this summer who met this lady and did the same thing. She had watched so many other houses in her village go up this summer and they were always for someone else. She wasn't chosen. Then today, this Friday, a group of people show up for her. To build her a house that will keep her dry from the rain and out of the wind, with a wood floor that will help keep her from sleeping with the bugs, that she can decorate and call her very own. They said she just cried and cried when it was all finished.

Made me think about that profound moment that you realize with this awe inspiring awareness that you are chosen. That this Jesus thing isn't for everyone around you to enjoy and find peace in. It's for you. You with all your flaws and inconsistencies. You with this deep hole in your heart that you are so hoping something will fill. are chosen to be the object of God's affection.

Then yesterday our friend Katie was coming in from a little weekend trip to Roatan and needed a ride home from the airport and so we were headed down the mountain and on the way we saw this little guy with his hitchiker thumb in the air. (Now let me preface this by saying that we do not pick up hitchhiker's here for any of you who by now are thinking oh dear please tell me they are not putting themselves in danger....WE'RE NOT) but he looked to be about 6 years old and I felt that nudge you know that one that says you'd regret it if you didn't go back and do what you knew you needed to do. So ole "Grace", the name we have lovingly selected for our van, turned around in the nearest spot and went back to get this little guy. When we went back there was not one now but two. His little brother was with him who looked like he was maybe 4. Oh they were CUTE as could be. So we motioned for them to get into the car and asked where they were going and they said "abajo" which means they wanted to go down the mountain. They sat in the back seat of the fan all huddled up together like they were scared to death of these gringa's who had given them a ride. Karen and Jen started talking to them and the little one got so tickled at Karen's spanish and just started cracking up and it was the sweetest sound. We laughed most of the way down the mountain and when we dropped them off they kept saying over and over, gracias gracias. Sweet moment #1.

Then we needed to go to the Mailboxes Etc. in town and grabbed Wendy's before that for lunch. Sitting outside before we went in was this grandmother and her grandson sitting on the steps selling handtowels. They looked like the kind you get at Dollar General for a buck. So we bought her handtowels and got the privilege of buying a Combo #1 BIGGIE SIZE and a Kids Meal with the cool toy to take outside to them for lunch. I took it out and the grandma just kept putting her hand on my cheek and with tears in her eyes was saying oh Dios Dios Dios le bendiga le bendiga. Which means God bless you. I sat there for a minute and talked with her in my limited Spanish and we got out the fact that her name is Lola, that God loved her, and that she was thankful. More than enough for one precious conversation.

It was an I love this place day truly. Probably mostly because I was reminded today of the humbling purpose God has in us being here. To be His ambassadors in this world who go out with servant hearts looking for ways to make Him recognizable to the world. And my heart says ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :)

Be blessed as you are a blessing!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Almost There...

Well here we are exactly 16 days from the Grand Opening of Casa de Esperanza this house where God's hope will be given away. Seems pretty fitting that I'm writing this on Thanksgiving Day when it's one of the things in my life I am most thankful for. The privilege and opportunity to be a part of something so near God's heart...oppressed children. If there was anything that Christ stopped dead in the middle of His purposed tracks for it was kiddo's or the hurting and oppressed. Feels like an honor to take care of two things He certainly would have taken the time to tend to.

Thanksgiving Day en Espanol is called dia de accion gracious. The day of the action of thanks. They don't celebrate the holiday here but they are aware that we do and that's what they refer to it as. I so pray that is how today has been for you. A day where you have been in the act of thanks. In our humanness it's hard to live there some days isn't it?? Satan would like nothing more than for us to forget about all the things we have to be thankful for. Thanksgiving or any other day we each have quite a list if we take the time to think about it.

So here are is my top ten list for this year...probably more for my benefit of thinking through them than yours to read but humor me.

1) I have the precious privilege of being God's daughter. One He looks at with love and watches with grace. Whatever else may happen in the course of a day I get to pillow my head each night in full assurance that He loves me.
2) I know now without a shadow of a doubt what it means to be a valued part of God's family. I know what it's like to belong to Christ's body, to share with them grow with them and learn how to love Christ more with them.
3) I have a family who misses me and saves me a spot at their table even though I'm hundreds of miles away. A spot no one else will be able to fill that will be mine forever. An irreplaceable place.
4) I have two beautiful nephews and one precious neice who run to the phone when I call because they want to talk to Aunt Jen. They love me and it's for no other reason than my simply being me. They allow me the privilege of one of my favorite jobs in the whole world...being an aunt.
5) I have been blessed with the best friends this world has to offer. They challenge me as much as they comfort me. They speak the truth in love even when it's not easy. They protect my heart with more fierceness than even I do. Most of all they help me be who God has asked me to be and as flawed as I am, they never stop believing in me.
6) I get to be a part of a ministry that God had planned for my life even before I was born. One that not only uses the gifts God has given me but one that allows me the opportunity to stretch, grow, and become more like His Son.
7) Christ loves me and because He does, He honors every prayer I've prayed asking him to make me better for Him. So he allows me to endure things that will grow my character and produce perserverance patience and trust.
8) In 16 days we'll throw open doors we've prayed so long and worked so hard to get to. Soon after that there will be little brown eyed beauties who call this place home. Not long after that we'll kneel down beside their beds and say prayers of thanks that He has brought us all home.
9) I get the humbling gift of having in my life a spiritual mentor who is patient and kind and who has been a HUGE influence in my spiritual life. I get to watch a sold out faith and a live above life and all the lessons that come with it.
10) Every morning since I've been here I have opened my email to a prayer for my life and my heart from one of my dearest friends and it has been such a symbol of how faithful my prayer warrior people in my life are and how honored I am to know them. Makes you feel so loved to be prayed for fervently.

So there's my list for this dia de accion gracious and the things I am most thankful for at this point in my life. The list could have gone on. I am for sure one blessed girl.

I'll close this post for today with a question for anyone out there who may be in a position to help us complete this construction for the children's home. Would any of you like to make a donation, or konw someone who would, in memory or honor of someone who would have loved to help rescue children? It is certainly a cause worthy of our investment. We need $20,000 to complete construction, furnishings, and have a bit of a cushion to feed and clothe our kids for the first few months? We still very much need your help. We're trusting God to come through but He still uses people to do His work. Our clay feet and flawed hands, pretty amazing the responsibility He gives us isn't it?


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Hearts Prayer Through Anothers Words...

This was taken from a neat little book on praise that my dear friend Donna gave me before I left to come to Honduras. It so resonates with my hearts desperate prayer to give this life to Him. Hope it touches your heart today as well.

Lord, I'm Yours. Whatever the cost may be, may Your will be done in my life. I realize I'm not here on earth to do my own thing, or to seek my own fulfillment or my own glory. I'm not here to indulge my desires, to increase my possessions, to impress people, to be popular, to prove I'm somebody important, or to promote myself. I'm not even here to be relevant or successful by human standards. I'm here to please You.

I offer myself to You, for You are worthy. All that I am or hope to be, I owe to You. I'm Yours by creation, and every day I receive from You life and breath and all things. And I'm Yours because You bought me, and the price You paid was the precious blood of Christ. You alone, the Triune God, are worthy to be my Lord and Master. I yield to You, my gracious and glorious heavenly Father; to the Lord Jesus who loved me and gave Himself for me; to the Holy Spirit and His gracious influence and empowering.

All that I am and all that I have I give to You.

I give You any rebellion in me, which resists doing Your will. I give You my pride and self-dependence, which tell me I can do Your will in my own power if I try hard enough. I give You my fears, which tell me I'll never be able to do Your will in some areas of my life. I consent to let You energize create within me, moment by moment, both the desire and the power to do Your will.

I give You my body and each of its entire inner being: my mind, my emotional life, my loved marriage or my hopes for abilities and strengths and status (high or low) past, my present, and my future...when and how I'll go Home.

I'm here to love You, to obey You, to glorify You. O my Beloved, may I be a joy to You!

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Captured Heart

We took a few days off of internet world, but we're back again now so hola amigos...

Today just want to share with you a lesson that has completely altered my walk with God. It's made my relationship with Him seem so much more like a love relationship as opposed to a stern, stiff, distant superior/inferior, point His finger, watch with eagles eye for my mistakes, want to send me to hell sort of bound obligatory relationship. I love Him now because I want to because I can't help it, because He pursues my heart and draws it near.

Over the past few years God has been relentless in showing me how much He loves me. He's done it in dozens of different ways, but one of the most precious ways He has revealed Himself to me is by allowing me the privilege of being an "apprentice of faith." He has allowed me to be a "Timothy" and provided a "Paul" to help grow me up in the Lord. It has been an undeserved blessing.

One of the most compelling messages she shares and one she has chosen to build her life and a ministry around is the idea of a captured heart. Not just that my heart has been captured by a God that would look down see my hopelessness, helplenessness and complete unworthiness and send His Son to take care of all my hope, help, and worth. Not just that I am forever captured at heart by a God who would hunt me down and relentlessly love me into His arms. Not only that my heart would have no choice but to be held captive to a love that compares to no other and has the potential to fill every single empty place within my heart. As if that were not enough, add to it this beautiful idea that this life, this heart, this girl has captured the heart of Almighty God. That we have captured HIS heart. That his entire heart is wrapped up in loving us. That He would not only be a God who is just and righteous and perfectly holy, but that He would be a God who delights in us, rejoices over us with singing, calls us the apple of His eye. We have captured His heart. What an awesome thought.

As I have started framing my life and my heart around that thought it has made all the difference in how I view my relationship with Him. I don't come needing to earn His love, I have it. I don't have to do all the right things or be all right, I simply come just as I am and admit that I love and need Him again today and He wraps me up in His love and leads me through.

If I've learned this lesson anywhere I've learned it from a life that I've watched live it. I will cheerlead for this ministry for the rest of my days because it is as genuine behind the scenes as it is in front of hundreds of eyeballs. She didn't come to this conclusion easily either I know, but through a multitude of lessons and hundreds of hours of sitting at the feet of Jesus. She is absolutely committed to believing and helping others believe they have captured the heart of God. It really does change the way you think.

I have been so blessed both by hearing and watching all this in action. I leave you with a link to the website that was recently begun by a lady I so admire based upon this concept. As much as I am convinced of anything I know that I know that her words and her heart will bless you beyond my ability to say so. Check it out.

Be blessed!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Update from Santa Ana

Well so many things are happening on the's one such renovation behind the clinic. This was tiled this week and looks GREAT!! It's sort of a back patio for the clinic. They also put new steps in and there's a tree in the center which makes it look so quaint and cute. It is very nice.

The rest of the pictures are of the children's home and progress there. It's looking good!

More stories to share with you from today but need some time to articulate the lessons I learned well. Will post again soon. Enjoy the pictures.