Monday, August 31, 2009

"I've heard people say that it isn't good to give money to homeless people because "they'll just spend it on alcohol." I used to agree. Now I'm realizing, it isn't about how they use my money... it's about how they use the feeling they get when they are shown compassion. I'll pay a few bucks to send the message that someone cares... regardless of how they spend it" - Francis Chan

I'm gnawing on this and putting a hearty AMEN on his sentiment. God never asked us to weigh their ethics or integrity or try to make distinction about who "really" needed it and who didn't. You know why is it that we feel such a need to justify our lack of desire to help sometimes?? I'm guilty. Repenting and guilty.

My job is to attempt to live in line with His kingdom order, elevating those who are outcast, unloved, not accepted, impoverished, oppressed, those who are having the hope squished out of them.

It never ever was about whether they use it to buy alcohol or not. It never ever was about it being "MY" money come to think of it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey gang ... first of all, please tell me the last post doesn't say April on this blog ...

I apologize profusely. PROFUSELY.

We are in a definite transition time within the ministry and so with that comes re-casting of vision and new fundraising plans and another look at short term and long term goals and re-evaluating where we are and where we really believe God is leading.

This time at home (although I wish it would have come a thousand other ways, rather than serious conflict in the country) has been so good at allowing me some quiet time to think and process and look at the last year and see what we've done both well and horribly poorly.

This blog for sure (and in general keeping up with our supporters) certainly goes in my "need to improve" column. Without offering excuses, I will just say, we are working to improve that in the coming months.

So I am going to start here with this for now and attempt to post at least once a week to let you know how things are going. We're also going to try to add some "extra's" into the blog, such as video's from the boys, and opportunities for you to interact with some of the little brown people we've all grown to love, music that's touching us at the moment, books we're reading that are changing us, resources for other ministries that are affecting the world in beautiful ways, etc.

So for now let's start here with a song that has just been working it's way to all sorts of places in my heart. This is a new group I hadn't heard until recently, but the title is "You Won't Relent"

Love and blessings. JEN