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Dearest friends and family,

As the year is winding down it’s time for us to start “closing our books” for the year and looking toward next year for the ministry. As with any non profit, that inevitably means attempting to “catch up” and pray toward a budget for next year - deciding how and sometimes “if” we’ll be able to continue with commitments we have made and really want to keep.

On paper it’s been a hard year. Several “unexpected” expenses have thrown us for a loop. Some friends of ours who borrowed our car for a day had an accident that totaled our truck and we obviously had to replace that as it is the only transportation we have. I have had to had more medical tests run this year and had a minor surgery which cost significant money to an already tight budget. We had an electricity problem in the house which cost us almost a thousand dollars extra in an electric bill. There have just been many unexpected’s on top of an economy that is certainly showing most of us working in the non profit sector that “times are tough.” We aren’t exempt in any way from feeling the weight of what happens with the economy in the States. In fact to a budget without a cushion it sometimes is crippling in some ways or at the very least inhibiting significantly to a ministry.

We continue to believe with all of our hearts that we’re operating out of God’s economy and not what it “looks like” to a world full of people. God certainly continues to provide and we are grateful. He continues to touch people’s hearts and we watch generosity pour in and continue to touch us to our toenails.

The truth is however that as we are looking at our end of the year, we need to raise about $15,000 to be able to continue our commitments as we approach 2012 and we really need your help. It sounds like a tremendous amount of money but when broken down into pieces we can all work with - it’s 15 people at $1000 or 30 people at $500 or 60 people at $250 or 150 at $100. You get the picture. If spread out among a team of people it becomes possible.

With honestly we admit that we have an electric bill we presently can not pay. For the first time in 6 years, last month was the first month we were unable to pay rent at the ministry house. Our tire fell off the truck two days ago and to fix it we have a bill of $800. We have “borrowed” from folks we love to cover for a time but it’s time to pay up. So it is no exaggeration when I tell you that we could use your help in almost “desperate” ways.

As you are making plans for your end of the year tax deductions, if you would consider us we would be so incredibly grateful. If your heart is touched by God to donate toward a ministry that we believe is still bent toward elevating the poor, to fighting for justice, whose heartbeat is still to love with the heart of Christ and make Him visible and tangible in a world that at moments exists without hope - we would be so grateful for your help. We would welcome you to be a part of this team of people who help to make this happen. We thank God for your heart to help us serve and rescue. Truly.

We cannot do this without so many of you and we have never been more aware of that than we are in this present season. We are praying on this side of the globe that we will be able to come up with the deficit in this phase of fundraising season and then will be able to secure more monthly sponsors come January in Phase 2 of our fundraising plan.

It has been a good year in terms of what we have been able to be a part of at Called and Compelled. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to host and facilitate teams and do the follow up for all that goes along with relationships built through those experiences. We are delighted at what God is creating and sustaining through our partnership with Women of Purpose in an effort to bring English speaking missionary women together for refreshment and renewal. We continue to work closely with a homeless ministry we believe chases the heart of Christ into the darkness and lights up places most people avoid. We are excited about the opportunities to build more houses through sponsorships throughout the year and not just in the summer when teams are here. We pray to be able to continue to invest in and even study and build relationships with those families and continue to love and encourage them. The privilege of walking closely alongside Carlos and Saul and pouring into them as they live in our home is precious and we adore them. Although the proximity of the little boys family has changed, they moved back to Comayagua (about 3 hours from us) a few months ago, our heart remains steadfast in our prayers for and our desire to continue to walk alongside their family in whatever way the Lord allows.

So as you can see, our ministry plate remains full to overflowing. Both with tasks and with blessings.

I was reminded just how very blessed we are again last week. We built a house for a sweet momma and her four children, who worked beside us all day pounding nails, or moving wood, or anything else they could help us do. We had finished building and it was time to leave and as usual we prayed over the family - that God would reign in that home, that they would always be blessed there and that they would come to know how very much He loves them. I turned toward the momma, her name is Telma and she grabbed ahold of me in a death-clutch hug and just kept patting my back. I tried to let go at one point and she just held on and I felt these quiet cries coming from her. So we stood that way for a moment and as my good friend Mark reminded me on the way out the door, “this is why we keep doing it Jen, that’s exactly why, cause all we have in life are moments, and they need to matter.” True enough brother.

So here’s to continuing to partner to make the moments matter for a Savior who is present in every single one of them wooing us toward Himself.

If you would be willing to help us -
1) (you can donate with credit card here if you wish)
2) For tax deductible donations - make the check payable to Belpre Church of Christ and send it to Mary Ann Laughery, 685 Timberline Dr. Vincent, OH 45784

If you have any questions or need more info, please feel free to ask.

Please keep track of where we are with our fundraising goal on my blog at and watch how with each of us playing our part we can continue to make a difference in this country and for these precious people.

If you know of any other churches or individuals that might be interested in becoming involved with the ministry here in Honduras, please pass this along to them as well or give us their contact information. We are seeking to develop a broader base of partners and expand what Called and Compelled Ministries is and does over the coming year.

Thank you so much for your time and sacrifice.

Because we are still compelled by His love,
Jen Wright (on behalf of all of us at Called and Compelled Ministries)

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